About us

Who we are!?



We are a indie game developer studio creating our first Action Adventure Game. We are having fun developing our own game. Who knew solo game developing was so much fun??



I used to stream on facebook, Joined Brime.tv and was a youtuber (platforms still active) but I decided I wanted to instead of playing games made by others (I still do) to create my own and see gamers reaction to our content creation.


As 2022 goes underway we constantly grow and so does technology and content creation evolve. From AAA game making to indie game making. We have seen the rise of GAS (Game as service) and other greedy practices by multiple developers and we grew tired of it. While we still love gaming our core values  inspire us to be better and do something greater.


That is where my small one man studio was born, and, we have come a long way from the time we started on unreal and moved to Unity to build our first rpg, that turned into an action adventure game. We met great people along the way and awful toms(Yes, I know) around the ways. We have seen the rise of bad business practices and greedy developers make indie game making hard and super expensive due to outrageous fees. We dont believe in subscription models or hyper expensive tools. We grew tired of bad actors and decided to do something about it.


Which is were my Assets and Tools Division was born. Currently MxT Studios is small but we will slowly open the doors to greater things and work to make great art ACCESSIBLE again. You shouldnt have to pay for support. The point of a company is to evolve and make NEW things available. Our Game is our Tree of Life and what will sustain our endevours together with our new assets, those awaiting acceptance in different 3d asset stores and those currently under development.

We invite you to be a part of our movement and make gaming making FUN again, Join us Today!


The Indie Revolution is HERE!